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As a wholesale distribution business you are likely to face competitive pressures to keep your prices keen whilst offering a broad range of products that can be delivered ex-stock. SAP Business One enables you to build long-term relationships with customers by tracking their buying patterns and prompting you when up-sell and cross-sell opportunities arise, using our Promotions Manager add-on. More importantly, it enables your sales and customer service teams to have meaningful conversations with customers during and after the sales process.

With many wholesale and distribution businesses running their operations and warehousing on multiple systems, Yuma have been able to consolidate these operations into a single solution using our industry knowledge and modules together with SAP Business One to deliver significant cost savings through increased accuracy and greater efficiency. 

  • Warehouse Scanning - This extends SAP Business One functionality into the warehouse through the use of scanners to automate the picking process and reduce picking errors. Supporting both Serial Numbers and Batch Numbers, Warehouse Scanning is a simple, quick solution designed to bridge the gap between SAP Business One and the warehouse.
  • Container Manager - With Container Manager, the SAP Business One user is able to assign multiple purchase orders from many different suppliers into a particular container. It also performs the function of specifying the date the ship departs and the estimated arrival for each separate container. The estimated delivery dates and quantities enable the user to keep their customers informed about product availability.
  • QC Manager - Allows you to capture product quality testing results for every product
  • Trade Website Integration -  Trade Website Integration allows you to connect your trade/wholesale portal to SAP Business One and exchange data. It can be installed on standard portals such as Magento, Drupal, Wordpress or any bespoke website based on PHP and MySQL. The solution works off-line with information stored and synchronised once you are connected to your SAP system.
  • Promotions Manager - Allows you to add special promotions/discounts to products




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