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Since the start of Yuma we have worked closely with several businesses whose main focus is in the manufacturing sector. SAP Business One is designed to assist businesses with the production process, creating (BoMs) bill of materials, plan production, calculate capacities and analyse issues and receipts, including shop floor instructions and actual vs planned usage. You are able to plan your production and purchasing, balancing supply and demand whilst taking into account min/max stock levels as well as your production requirements.

We found that many of our customers who have implemented SAP Business One have different needs, not always provided by the SAP Business One out-of-the-box solution. With this in mind, we have developed both simple and complex solutions based around SAP Business One. In the manufacturing sector a few of these solutions include:

  • Production Overview and Multi Action - this solution was developed by Yuma to address the need for additional functionality with production orders. Enabling users to work with a centralised overview screen of production orders, they are able to review and alter several production orders simultaneously thus eliminating the need to go through each production order individually and in turn saving a lot of time.
  • Multi Level Subcomponent Production Generator - Back to back applied automation to multi-level BOMs greatly reduces the time creating each particular production order and the components from the sales orders. This achieves speed and accuracy as the solution works on templates so nothing is forgotten, which may be the case in the manual process.
  • Production Tree Cloner - Creating a clone of a production tree so you can change just the lines you need rather than creating a whole new BOM. If, for example, a similar 'made-to-order' item is ordered, a previous production order with similarities can be cloned and simply 'tweaked' with any minor changes as opposed to creating the whole production order from scratch.
  • BOM Configurator - this solution provides accuracy and saves time as the database creates B0Ms based on easy to understand properties, for example, size, colour, fabric etc. The production configurator allows the sales personnel to use the configurator to analyse prices across BOMs and calculate an end price. For example, if a customer is ordering an item with bespoke specification, then the configurator calculates the BOMs and prices accordingly.
  • Product Price Configurator - a great tool which helps to save time and improve the selling process for complicated products, providing complete accuracy. It can be used by sales personnel and also by end users (customers) to calculate the selling price based on the bespoke calculations predefined in the system. Before this, sales personnel had a problem calculating the price accurately as so many parameters are involved in calculating the cost. 


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