Promotions Manager

Promotions Manager has been designed to integrate with SAP Business One to provide the ability to add promotions and special discounts to products

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The Promotions Manager add-on delivers four contrasting promotion mechanics:

  1. Buy one get one free
  2. Buy product A get product B free
  3. Buy product A get product B for a discounted price
  4. Buy x-amount of product A and get different product B at a discounted price

It is possible to easily activate and deactivate promotions by changing the parameters in the Promotions Manager screen. Each promotion is given a unique code which is displayed on the sales order, thus giving the SAP Business One user an easy reference point for which particular promotion was previously applied. This is a useful feature to quickly check against for any future orders by the same customer for which particular promotions were applied on past orders.

The process of applying promotions is very easy and requires just a single click. The Promotions Manager add-on goes through all the lines on the sales order and applies the relevant promotion (changing prices, updating discounts or adding a new FOC line). The application checks all the lines and ensures a promotion will not be applied twice.

As the Promotions Manager add-on works in the design mode of the sales order, it enables the sales personnel to make manual changes to prices/discounts on the sales order line. This is useful if the customer is asking for further discount etc.  


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