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The Intercompany add-on acts as a link between two or more companies - allowing seamless synchronisation between them by linking documents, alerts and messaging.

This may be useful for when two companies (or one company with multiple databases to reflect a number of divisions) are working closely together, and are looking for further functionality to increase their efficiency for interaction with each other.

The Intercompany add-on sits between the two (or more) companies and using SAPs DI API can create documents, alerts and messages behind the scenes once a trigger has been fulfilled.

  • Eliminates the need to re-type information between companies
  • Eliminates the time consuming activity of communication between the two parties
  • Eliminates costly mistakes and errors between documents. As the application works online there is also instantaneous transaction processing with no user interaction required
  • Offers a diverse range of pre-defined scenarios
  • Offers the possibility to apply bespoke changes
  • Easy to use for the end-user customer
  • Easy to learn for partners and consultants  read more....


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