Container Manager

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Container Manager is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One to extend significantly the standard scope of the Purchasing module. 

Supporting the overseas import of goods shipped remotely by the supplier, the Container Manager add-on delivers three essential stages unique to shipping goods: "Loading", "Sailing" and "Transfer". Using the Container Manager add-on, the SAP Business One user is able to assign multiple purchase orders from many different suppliers into a particular container. The add-on also performs the function of specifying the date the ship departs and the estimated arrival for each separate container. The estimated delivery dates and quantities enable the user to keep their customers informed about product availability. At the end of the process, the Container Manager add-on automatically creates Goods Receipts for all delivered goods.

  • Register the shipping container details (Vessel name, number, reference number)
  • Load multiple Purchase Orders into a single container
  • Load multiple suppliers into a single container
  • Register, update and change sailing date and ETA
  • Support container modes: "New","Loading","Sailing ","Transfer","Closed"
  • Change loaded quantities according to the "loading manifest"
  • Change received quantities according to Real Delivered quantities
  • Create Goods Receipt PO or draft Goods Receipt PO
  • Close fulfilled lines on the Purchase Orders
  • Create back order lines on the Purchase Order for missing products....Read More


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