Batch Manager

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Batch Manager has been designed to support and streamline common operations on batch-traceable products/components such as fabrics, liquids, sand etc. for SAP Business One. The add-on allows you to split, move and adjust the batch quantity. It displays a list of batch numbers related to a single product and allows you to split a batch into two different batches when needed. You are able to leave the split batches in the same warehouse, or move across to an alternative warehouse.

Batch Manager can be used to adjust the real quantity of selected batches to match the quantity counted or measured. It provides the ability to adjust greater or lesser quantities and move these quantities from one batch number to another.

  • Displays all the batch numbers for single items on an easy-to-read screen
  • Allows the user to decrease the selected batch quantity
  • Allows the user to increase selected batch quantity
  • Allows the user to divide a selected batch into two or more batches
  • Allows the user to divide and move the divided batches to a different warehouse
  • Automatically updates the "Batch Number Transaction" report in SAP Business One....Read More


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