Back to Back Order

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The Back to Back Order add-on for SAP Business One eliminates the need to manually generate numerous production orders based on sales orders lines, increasing efficiency within both the sales and production departments.

The Back to Back Order add-on ensures accuracy of documents with production orders being copied by the system directly from the base document. The flow of documents in the system is enhanced giving an efficient source of information between departments.

The Back to Back Order add-on can create production orders for all sub-assemblies required by the top level item, grouping the successive production orders in a logical sequence for production. Additionally it will synchronise due- date between sales orders and production orders delivering accurate information for both departments.

  • Purchase Order Auto Generation
  • Multi Level Bill of Material Purchase Orders
  • Sub-Components Production Orders Automation
  • Lead Time Management or Product Lead Time Management
  • Sub-Component Lead Time Management
  • Expected Completion Dates Synchronisation between Production and Sales Orders read more....


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