API Observer

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The API Observer add-on is a sophisticated tool designed to bring automation to any layer of SAP Business One. With only basic SQL scripting skills required, users are able to create any SAP Business One object based on any other object or event in the system.

As well as giving users the ability to work with very complex functionality, the flexibility of the API Observer add-on makes it a great application to build integration data flows, data movements between two or more databases and also for initial imports.

The API Observer triggers at database level, therefore there is no need to install anything onto client computers as it is stored on the server. This ultimately makes processes faster.

The API Observer allows the user to easily transfer data from SQL to SAP HANA Database with good error messaging and logging

  • Data Transfer to/from SAP Business One
  • Multi Server - Long Distance Data Transfer
  • Document Automations
  • Document/Object Cloning
  • Error Management
  • SQL to SAP Business One Transfer
  • MySQL to SAP Business One Transfer
  • ODBC to SAP Business One Transfer
  • HTTP to SAP Business One transfer
  • PHP to SAP Business One transfer
  • SQL to SAP B1 for HANA data transfer
  • Easy SAP B1 for HANA data correction  read more....


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