Yuma Add-ons for SAP Business One

This is a sample of some of the add-ons we have developed to enhance the functionality within SAP Business One. If you require specific features not detailed here, there is a good chance we have already developed them.


API Observer Add-on

The API Observer add-on is a sophisticated tool designed to bring automation to any layer of SAP Business One

Back to Back Order Add-On

Back to Back Order add-on for SAP Business One eliminates the need to manually generate numerous production orders based on sales orders lines

BACS Manager

BACS Manager add-on is designed to generate specific bank payment files based on a selection made in SAP Business One

Barcode Manager

The Barcode Manager add-on has been designed as a multi-purpose application to support EAN code printing directly from SAP Business One

Batch Manager

The Batch Manager add-on has been designed to support and streamline common operations on batch-traceable products/components such as fabrics, liquids, sand etc. for SAP Business One

Consolidation Add-On

Consolidation add-on for SAP Business One, users are able to gain a complete insight into a group of companies

Container Manager

Container Manager add-on is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One to extend significantly the standard scope of the Purchasing module

Cube Manager Add-On

Cube Manager add-on is a powerful reporting tool which allows the user quick analysis of large amounts of data gathered in the SQL Database

Intercompany Add-On

Intercompany add-on acts as a link between two or more companies - allowing seamless synchronisation between them by linking documents, alerts and messaging

Production Manager Add-On

Production Manager add-on has been designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP Business One to provide a centralised platform from which the production process can be more easily managed

Postcode Manager Add-On

Postcode Manager add-on is a simple, yet extremely flexible solution that brings postcode look-up functionality to SAP Business One

Mobile Scanning Add-On

Mobile Scanning add-on offers the opportunity to transform warehouse processes by providing the ability to pick or receive goods on a portable hand-held scanner directly from the original purchase or sales order

Promotions Manager

The Promotion Manager add-on has been designed to integrate with SAP Business One to provide the ability to add promotions and special discounts to products


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